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Why You Should Travel for Addiction Treatment?

It can feel overwhelming when trying to decide where to complete your addiction treatment. Whether you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, there is a multitude of drug rehab centers to choose from. Rehab centers are everywhere, so there is probably one near where you live, but it may not be the right one […]

Dependence Vs. Addiction

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The Similarities And Differences In Treating Drug Addiction And Drug Dependency The distinction between “dependence” and “addiction” can be quite difficult to discern, but is there really a distinction? The answer is yes there is! Even though people continue to use both words interchangeably, it is important to draw a line between these two words […]

A Guide to Cocaine Addiction Symptoms and Treatment Options

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How common is cocaine usage? In the United States, 2.3 percent of the population uses it, according to a report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. That’s behind the usage rate for Albania and Scotland, but ahead of countries like Spain and Australia. On the surface, 2.3 percent may not seem like […]

A Complete Guide to Meth Addiction Symptoms and Treatment Options

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Methamphetamine: you didn’t forget about it, did you? Because customs authority sure hasn’t. In 2016, San Diego seized 10 times the amount of meth they had in 2006. Arizona, California, and Texas seized 24 times as much. Manufacturers have perfected the product. At $5 a hit with almost 100% purity, it’s infiltrating the drug world. […]

The Factors That Make Subline Wellness Center A Top-Rated Treatment Center?

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When choosing a drug and alcohol rehab facility, there are some important decisions to be made to ensure that the highest quality services are obtained. While some rehabs like Sublime Wellness Center provide a better treatment approach at helping patients reach their sobriety goals more than others, there is the need to evaluate the available […]

What Is Codeine and How Can You Identify if a Loved One Has a Problem?

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Over 100 people lose their lives every day because of their addiction to opioids. With the American Opioid Crisis still destroying lives across the country, you might even find that someone you know has become victimized by addiction. The truth is that addiction, especially to opioids, doesn’t discriminate. In fact, it can often start with […]

Adderall Addiction Explained: 5 Long Term Side Effects You Should Know About

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It never starts with a problem, or even the thought that this could create one somewhere down the road. Adderall addiction begins with an exhausted parent trying to keep up, sneaking a pill from their child’s prescription here and there. Or, it begins with a college study buddy offering a way to make cramming for […]