When choosing a drug and alcohol rehab facility, there are some important decisions to be made to ensure that the highest quality services are obtained. While some rehabs like Sublime Wellness Center provide a better treatment approach at helping patients reach their sobriety goals more than others, there is the need to evaluate the available treatment centers to ensure that only top-rated treatment centers are considered.

In choosing a top-rated alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, you need to know some of the characteristics to watch out for. Some of the characteristics which distinguish a treatment center as a qualified and top-rated one include:


  • Correct specialties


When choosing a treatment center, there is the need to better understand the specialization of the facility and the treatment options offered. While some addiction treatment centers are specialized in certain addictions, there are several others who specialize in many different areas. However, some centers with multiple specialties have been reported to have better success treating some addictions than others. For the greatest chance of success, it is important that you choose a rehab facility that is highly rated to treat your specific addiction. This is especially recommended for addictions that require detox.


  • High Success Rate


When choosing a top-rated addiction treatment facility, be sure to inquire about the success rate of their addiction treatment program. The rate of recovery and treatment is the best indicator of a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab center. The higher the success rate, the higher the efficiency of the treatment program. It is important however, that you demand that the treatment center defines what is regarded as a success as some refer to success based on the number of clients who complete a program while others base success rates on the number of patients who maintain sobriety for a time period, either 6 months, a year or more.


  • Does the treatment center focus on underlying issues?


Most people who suffer from addiction also suffer from underlying issues which may time relate to their mental health. Treatment of underlying issues ensures that the patient is holistically treated, and reduces the chances of relapse, however, when left unaddressed during treatment, this issues may continue in recovery and cause more problems for the recovering addict.


  • Does the facility offer comprehensive 1-on-1 therapies?


It is important that you ask whether or not the rehabilitation facility offers a comprehensive one-on-one therapy. While therapy is in different forms, group therapy may fail to address individual struggles and problems, however, individual therapies are more tailored towards the challenges of the recovering addict thus helping them deal with issues better. Most top rated rehabilitation facilities ensure that patients go through a number of therapies to ensure that issues are tackled from all angles. A top-rated rehab will offer comprehensive therapy options to clients to ensure that they air their feelings, struggles, and discomforts.


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